Give Your E-Commerce Store A Boost With Kraft Mailer Boxes

Give Your E-Commerce Store A Boost With Kraft Mailer Boxes

E-commerce stores have grown at an unprecedented rate. A recent study by Fuel By Mickensy exposed that the subscription box market value is 12-15 billion dollars. The past decade seems to be the decade of the internet. Online presentation of the products is way more crucial than packing itself.

E-commerce stores have vast and spread customers. Fulfilling their need for e-commerce orders requires durable and mesmerizing packaging. So, the brands come up with mailer boxes to maximize protection, enhance the presentation, and do branding of their products. However, making kraft mailer boxes has mainstreamed their online business because of the increasing subscription box market.

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These packaging boxes are new. The first time subscription boxes were launched in 2004. But now, you cannot imagine running your e-commerce store without them. A study by Clutch found that 54% of online shoppers have subscribed to the subscription products.

And, all the subscription products are sent and transit through mailer boxes. They are versatile to fit every product, appealing to showcase elegance, and printed with logos and visuals for branding and promotion. It is not all. Let us explain all the features of Kraft mailer boxes.

Why Choose Kraft Material For Mailer Boxes?

Kraft boxes are a versatile packaging for shipping the products. Kraft is strong and durable, keeping products safe and secure throughout the shipping, transit, display, and packaging. Moreover, it is a food-grade material and non-toxic. It means you can send and ship sensitive edibles without any fear of harming the quality and flavor of the edibles.

Thirdly, kraft boxes are easy to customize and mold in any shape and type, making them a brilliant choice to use for mailer boxes. The final and last, kraft material is thin, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, benefiting the environment and at the same time giving you perfect packaging boxes without breaking the bank.

Build Your Brand With Custom Kraft Mailer Boxes

It was not long ago when brands packed their products in ordinary plain boxes. The purpose was only to send boxes safely. However, as the times have changed, the priorities and purpose of the packaging have changed too. E-commerce stores acquire Kraft mailer boxes to boost their online presentation. Kraft boxes have a big room for customization, including printing logos, names, slogans, matching visuals with brands, and luxury packaging options.

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These options boost the unboxing experience and customer experience as well. They not only lure customers but also retain them for future buying. Whenever influencers or customers post the unboxing experience or review on social media, the quality packaging with positive reviews boosts the brand, attracts customers, and compels others to try your products

Unboxing Videos And Social Media Reviews

It is the era of social media. No brand can create its impact without utilizing social media properly. And what gives charm to brands on social media? They are reviews adn unboxing videos. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and X are filled with unboxing videos and reviews. People love to watch these videos. They have become the sole option to give people a choice whether to buy the products or not. Most customers look deep into the packaging of the products.

Kraft mailer boxes when designed with inserts, embellishments, ribbons, and decorations with windows and cut-outs containing products are exposed in front of the online audience, giving a sense of quality, elegance, and innovations. People prioritize and plan to get one for them.

Designing Trendy Kraft Boxes For E-Commerce Branding

There is always room for improvement. No matter how perfect the kraft boxes you make, coming with new and trendy packaging options is necessary to grab customers' interest in packaging. Therefore, always prioritizing high paper grade is a must. Moreover, the printing of the kraft mailer boxes must be done with modern printing machinery to display quality fonts, perfect designs, and vivid color patterns.

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Moreover, design raft mailer packaging with handles to carry boxes easily. Customize inserts to keep products perfectly and tight fit. Moreover, you can add foams, tissues, ribbons, and a dual printing sheet inside the kraft box, depending on the product and purpose.

Final Words

Mailer boxes are certainly essential commodities for e-commerce stores. They beautify product presentation, help brands create positive images, keep products safe adn secure in shipping and delivery, and do promotion and branding. Get your own kraft mailer boxes from Custom Designs Boxe.

They create kraft boxes with utmost precision and top-class quality. They have an experienced packaging team, creative designers, and hundreds of complimentary services. Get your kraft mailer packaging and give wings to your e-commerce store today!

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